3 Unique Career Fields among Oil Rig Jobs And Gas Jobs you should consider

While there are many chances in traditional technically-oriented roles on oil rigs and gas platforms, there are also many chances for less common vacancies on offshore oil rigs and gas platforms.

We will present some of the offshore oil rig jobs and gas vacancies that you may have not heard of:

Air transportation specialist on gas and offshore oil rig platforms

Soar with the upstream offshore oil rig jobs industry! While travelling to onshore and offshore sites is essential to oil rig project operations as material, people, and cargo require a way to get to distant locations. 

Moreover, offshore oil rig and gas projects need a bird's eye view, occasionally. Due to this, gas and offshore oil rig companies need to hire pilots, engineers and oil rig mechanics, and more oil rig and gas workers to maintain the flying functions of their business. Here are mentioned some of the possible roles on the offshore oil and gas rigs:

  • Aircraft Engine/Hydraulics Mechanic
  • Aerial Survey Pilot on oil rig
  • Helicopter Mechanic
  • Aircraft Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Pipeline Air Patrol Pilot

Land negotiation and management specialist

You like dealing with people? If yes, think about working in land management and negotiation for a gas and offshore oil rig company. 

The role of land negotiation and management specialist would involve acquiring land permits, drafting land sale agreements, maintaining relationships with land owners etc. 

Specific positions include:

  • Land Use Technician or Land Agent 
  • Reclamation Coordinator of gas and oil companies
  • Lease Contract Negotiator
  • Right-of-Way Agent/Planner

Inspection and Quality control

Inspection and Quality control on the offshore oil rigs and pipeline projects is vital, where safety measures are of high importance. To cope with safety problems, gas companies, as well as offshore oil rig companies are required to hire offshore oil rig inspectors, quality control specialists and technicians to keep everything running seamlessly.

No matter which of the mentioned positions you pursue, your role on the gas or offshore oil rig platform will be of high importance - you will have to make sure that anything on the oil rig job platform complies with the environmental policies of the gas and oil rig company, safety protocols and related standards and procedures. Quality control and inspection roles may include:

  • ISO Inspector
  • Coatings Inspector
  • Chief Inspector on oil and gas platform
  • Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Inspector/Technician
  • Quality Specialist or Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspectors