No experience oil rig jobs

I've spoken to many people about how to get a job on an offshore oil rig with no experience and there is one answer that comes up all the time that I find quite funny. People usually use “Yea but you need to have experience to get a job on offshore oil rigs”.

The oil rig jobs with no experience remind me about the joke about “what comes 1st, the chicken or the egg?” because how does anyone ever get experience on oil rigs if you have to have experience before you can get an oil rig job? It doesn’t make any sense.

This is the real truth and lots of people are not going to like it. This excuse plus many others that people make up are nothing more than a lie, which they tell themselves because it’s easier admitting to themselves that they are just too lazy to go through the effort to find good oil rig jobs no experience!

Oil rig jobs no experience

Think about it for a while… You can walk onto an oil rig platform no experience at the entry level position and earn somewhere around $70,000 for working half of the year. Of course there are going to be challenges trying to get into the oil and gas industry, because everybody know that finding an oil rig job with no experience is not a easy job. These are highly sought after positions so they are not going to hire every Tom, Dick and Harry who decides to hand in a resume for oil rig worker with no experience.
But just because you have to put in a little more effort to find an offshore oil rig job no experience than creating a pretty resume on Microsoft Word, doesn’t mean that you should listen to lazy people who make up things like “you need to have oil rig job experience”. Who would you prefer take advice from? Someone that has actually done it or someone that failed and made up an excuse to justify their laziness - offshore oil rig jobs with no experience is not easy to be found, but not impossible?

The real truth is that, no experience oil rig jobs do exist and 90% of the oil rig jobs no experience that you will have to do in the early days on the offshore oil rig you could teach a monkey to do. Your #1 priority when you get on the offshore oil rig is to watch and learn as QUICKLY as you can. The offshore oil rig company you work for is soon enough going to know if you were worth hiring but in the beginning all you need is the ability to follow instructions and a good work ethic for getting and keeping an offshore oil rig job with no experience.

Many had no experience when they got an oil rig job so you can too!