Offshore oil rig job companies

Offshore Oil Rig Companies

An interesting fact that most people looking for oil rig jobs don't know is that there are over 5,000 gas platforms and offshore drilling rigs located worldwide. The easiest and likely the most effective way to get a high-paid oil rig job is by making a direct contact with the offshore oil rig company. However, there is another way, which could be more effective - using an online service for automatic sending of your CV to many offshore oil rig job companies, all over the world.

Major regions offering offshore oil rig jobs

Some of the major offshore gas and oil rig platforms are located in the regions around Kuwait, Nigeria, Canada, North America, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and UAE.

The daily expected pay at these oil rig companies might be from $300 at starting rate, to $600 for skilled oil rig jobs and experienced oil rig workers.

As example for some offshore oil projects currently in progress are Hoover and Diana fields, both underway in the Gulf of Mexico, organised by Exxon. These offshore oil rig companies produce over 4,800 barrels a day, which is a really good value compared to other offshore drilling rig companies.

North Slope Operations oil rig company, located in Alaska is another very good example of an oil field company owned by the offshore oil giant, BP. This is the largest oil producer in North America, generating 3% of all oil consumed in the USA.

Another giant offshore oil producer is Terra Nova, situated in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, over an area of 150,000 acres. The oil rig company Terra Nova, produces around 115,000 barrels over the course of a year.

Founded in 1977, Herbernia is another offshore oil rig company  that employs many oil rig workers. This offshore oil field produces up to 150,000 barrels every year.

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