WHEN to search for an Oil Rig Job...?

When it comes to searching for an oil rig job, especially oil jobs in UK drilling market, we notice some trends. The fact we noticed is that a lot less potential oil rig drillers are looking for oil rig jobs, drilling rig jobs in UK etc. in the period between late October and late January. 

Even though, being a worker in the oil rig jobs market has no time limitations, we have a feeling this happes for 2 reasons:

  1. People, looking for oil rig jobs in UK assume that oil rig companies will not employ oil rig workers in this time of the year.
  2. Oil rig drillers, Roughnecks, Roustabouts, Motorman, Helpers, Deckhands, Stewards etc., are widding down for the Christmas holidays and they probably start thinking: "I will find a job in the new year."

It's an opportunity for those people that need to give themselves an edge over other oil rig jobs seekers. We are going to use an example with the oil rig jobs in Australian market to express what opportunity we see but this theory may apply for oil rig jobs market in other countries only with distinct circumstances.

Right at the mentioned time interval between October and January when people stop looking for oil rig jobs, the Australian oil rig companies and even gas companies are hiring more oil rig workers. Extra drillers and staff are being employed during the Summer to manage with the hot conditions on the oil rig platforms. Some people may not agree with the fact that most positions are filled as November hits, there is still a chance for oil rig job seekers.

Indeed, some of the new oil rig workers weren't out to work on an offshore oil rig platform, so many of the new oil rig workers that just began are likely to quit after a few weeks or less. Even though, there are less positions going, the total number of potential oil rig workers  that look for a drilling job at this time of the year is less than 1/10 of what it is in other months. 

Oil rig job seekers usually make mistakes while making assumptions when the simply truth is that they are not enough aware of the oil and gas industry market condition to be making assumptions about when is good time to apply for the job. 

Just giving an example, best time for oil rig job opportunity if you were living in Canada would not be because of the "hot summer." But you may think about reasons why other oil rig job seekers would be saying "it's not the best time to apply for oil rig job position" and chances are that's exactly when you must be handing in your application.

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