What to expect on Offshore Oil Rigs?

Offshore oil rig jobs

We all take oil and gas for granted, from filing our cars up to buying goods in plastic bottles, most things have been made with or with equipment that uses oil. What many do not realize is the blood, sweat and tears that goes into extracting that oil from the ground, often out at sea, and in difficult conditions. Oil rig jobs - Jobs on oil rigs offer a great career chance. The salary is amazing (the average oil rig worker is said to take $75,000 - $100,000) and so is the holiday. If you are searching to be part of the team of people that enjoy these benefits here are the top jobs on oil rigs platforms.
1. Roughnecks and Roustabouts oil rig jobs. Roughnecks on oil rigs and Roustabouts on oil rigs are entry level positions and may be done by people that have few or no skills on offshore oil rig platforms. It is an important position and may be extremely hard work, cleaning, repairing, general maintenance and assembly. This is an amazing place to start your career and climb the ladder (quite literally!)
2. Drillers on offshore oil rigs. Driller oil rig positions require you to supervise crews, making sure they are working to company rules and regulations and test work on oil rigs. There is a lot of paperwork involved but you must expect to earn a really good wage for this responsible position on the offshore oil rigs.
3. Derrick Hand oil rig jobs. As a Derrick Hand on the offshore oil rigs you will spend a lot of time at heights working with the drill pipe. Its a demanding, dirty oil rig job that is going to have you out at all hours and in all weathers.
4. Motor Hand offshore oil rig worker. Motor Hands on offshore the oil rigs are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the motorized components to the offshore oil rig, replacing parts and ensuring smooth operation.
5. Catering offshore oil rig workers. Catering staff on the offshore oil rigs are responsible for feeding the entire crew members up to eight meals in any 24-hour period. Hungry oil rig workers need healthy, nutritious food to keep their energy levels high. You will have to work within tight budgets. If you make a good meal you will be well respected.
6. Medics on offshore oil rigs. The Medics offshore oil rig workers are an extremely important part of crew members' life and you will be treated as such. Expect to deal with minor injuries associated with heavy machinery plus any problems that Catering have caused!
A career on the offshore oil rigs may be financially and personally rewarding. To make sure you find the right job for you, look at joining a reputable agency that specialise in helping people finding jobs on offshore oil rigs fast!