Looking for Full time oil rig job workers

Currently searching for Full Time Offshore Oil Rig Workers that Want To Work on an offshore oil rig platform.

Offshore oil rig job - Due to retirement, promotion and a booming oil and gas industry thousands of oil rig jobs become available every day.
Oil rig job workers needed some with no experience. It's now time to get moving in the right direction.

Oil rig job requirements:

Offshore oil rig job work - Oil Rig Workers, Truck Drivers, general laborers and welders needed. Strong work ethic, ability to take direction and complete the task at hand. Good safety and driving record. Hands on training are going to be secured for qualified oil rig job workers for those that want to learn new skills.

Oil rig jobs in the oil industry

Some would have you believe that there are no more oil rig jobs, we are here to tell you different.

Oil Rig Job Workers - Warehouse Worker - Tanker Truck Drivers - Welders - On-Site Safety - Roughnecks - Tool Pushers - Derrick Hands - All Types of Laborers Needed.
Drillingrigs is here to assist you get that rewarding career you need and want.

There are literally thousands of Offshore oil rigs jobs looking for replacements for their Warehouse/labor Positions and Oil Rig Worker Positions. Most have two weeks out, 2 weeks home, and the land based oil rig jobs have one month in one week out and need all types of laborers and truck drivers.

Offshore oil rig jobs
You will not Get Famous in the oil rig job industry. The work is not clean and the hours are long. What you are going to do is working and getting paid BIG MONEY as an offshore oil rig worker!
These are high paying oil rig jobs. Your friends won't envy your oil rig job! They are Definitely going to Envy Your Pay Check for work on oil rigs!!!!

How Does $250-$400 Day Sound as a oil rig job worker? Hard Work = Great Pay
Come to the Oil Rig Jobs Industry and get started - Offshore oil rig jobs.