Oil Rig Jobs with No Experience

If you are searching for a challenging career with the chance to travel the world and receive an ideal salary, an oil rig job or job in the drilling industry could be for you. The demand for power and oil is ever-increasing on a global basis and so is the need for oil rig workers, as the oil and gas industry continues to expand.Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs. We have many of oil rig jobs and jobs in the drilling industry to choose from within the oil and gas industry whatever your experience, background, or qualifications. Though the pay is generally excellent at all levels when compared with similar non-oil industry jobs, some oil rig jobs and jobs in the oil industry can be physically demanding so seek advice on the position you are looking for.Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

offshore oil drilling jobsAs most oil rigs need to be maintained 7 days a week, oil rig  workers usually work on a two weeks on, two weeks off basis, allowing plenty of time to travel and explore the local region or return home. This working schedule can be very attractive allowing longer periods of quality “free” time when compared to a regular 9 to 5 job with two day weekends. Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.
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Other benefits of an oil rig job include long lasting friendships with workmates, excellent living and sleeping conditions, and plenty of opportunities to climb the career ladder for hardworking and focused workers – not to mention the potential financial rewards for which oil rig jobs are renowned. Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

Whether you are looking for an oil rig job on offshore oil rigs or onshore oil rigs, there are a wide range of vacancies all over the world including Scotland, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, Asia, U.S, and the Middle East.

Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs. Jobs in the oil rig industry include entry level positions for candidates without prior offshore oil rig experience such as Welders, Scaffolders, Roustabout, Medics, Radio Operators, Mud Engineers, Painters, and Electricians. Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

Other more specialised oil rig jobs include Derrick Crew, Maintenance Forman, Crane Operators, Maintenance Roustabout, Drillers, Roughnecks, Pumpman, Catering Crew and Steward/ess, Control Room Operators, Barge Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Toolpushers, Onboard Representatives, Offshore Installations Managers, Mechanics, Motormen, Subsea Engineers, and Painters. Oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

There are also different types of oil rigs across the world you can work on. These include Semi Submersibles, Platforms, Jack Ups, Drill Ships, Flotels, and Floating Production and Storage Units.