My work on offshore oil rig with no experience

So Last winter I started in the offshore oil rigs. It was pretty cool. No experience getting paid top dollar. The cold didn`t bother me because you work your[..] off and wear layers upon layers you start to sweat and !!. So I ended up on a good rig man everyone treated me awesomely.

It`s two weeks on and then they fly you home one week off. You get 140$ tax free to pay for your hotel and food. so you end up making 5 grand every two weeks. It`s a pretty sweet offshore oil rig job if you dont have kids or a wife.

Offshore oil Rig Jobs

Anyways just putting that out there.

It`s mostly white people and by that I mean theres some real tough Aryan brothrhood type of mother!!ers. But if you can hold your own, put your head down and take !! when the !!s due then your pretty much set. I've met a few east indians and they were some of the coolest people I have ever met.

I had a great time ehhh most of the time. Some times wre god awful but the money is riduculous - offshore oil rig jobs.