Decide what position of oil rig jobs is best one for you

An offshore oil drilling rig platform is a place where you really might work hard to get ahead. Most crane operators, transport supervisors and other skilled employees started out in entry-level positions. They set themselves apart by pursuing advanced drilling oil rig training and accepting additional assignments. Offshore oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Inexperienced employees may start their careers on drilling oil rig platforms in any one of several oil rig jobs, including:
  • Roughneck: Roughnecks are usually laborers that generally work on the rig deck. They move equipment and supplies, and also are responsible for cleaning equipment and work areas.
  • Roustabout: These employees are engaged in drilling operations on the oil rig. They often shift sections of drill pipe and clean spill. Roustabouts aspire to one day become the tool pusher, the senior supervisor on an offshore oil rig.
  • Helper: Helpers assist skilled staff, serving as apprentices for oil rig electricians, lead welders and heavy-equipment operators. Offshore oil rig jobs or drilling rigs.
  • Painter: Offshore drilling oil rigs, in particular, should be painted constantly to protect the structure from the corrosive effects of saltwater. This is hazardous duty, as painters often have to be suspended in harnesses to reach remote areas of the platform.
  • Motorman: Motormen support and repair all drilling rig machinery, in this number generators and deck equipment.
  • Deckhand: Deckhands make tow lines to secure barges and boats to the structure, facilitating loading and offloading of cargo.
  • Steward: Housekeeping needs, including laundry service and janitorial duties, should be met to assure the smooth operation of an offshore drilling oil rig.
  • Assistant chef: Galley hands, including assistant chefs, work around the clock to prepare meals for all shifts. This is a job where mainstream experience is directly transferable to duties on the rig. Offshore oil rig jobs or offshore drilling rigs.