Crew members on offshore oil rig platforms

Each of the oil rig jobs, listed below, require the oil rig worker to be very pysically prepared. Here is the general salary for the basic oil rig jobs on the drilling rigs:

  • roughnecks get around $55,000 / £28,000 
  • drillers get around $66,000 / £46,000

It is widely known that the better paid an oil rig job is the more physically demainding and harder the work on the drilling rig platform is. The basic responsibilities of the oil rig workers are to clean the offshore oil rigs and assist the drillers.

Beginning work on offshore oil rigs, from the lowest lever, as roughneck allows the oil rig workers to acquire the complete picture of what the work of oil rig workers consist of.

After you already have the necessary experience on offshore oil rigs, you can then apply for the next level oil rig vacancies as:

  • driller assistant
  • derrickman
  • pumpman

If you have any questions regarding oil rig jobs, drill crew or about other employment in the offshore oil industry, please email us.